Microsoft Points Generator

The wait is over for gamers seeking microsoft points generator. Over the years, I’ve seen many different topics on this subject and none were of any help in achieving what I wanted. Finally I created a handy dandy application that allows you to generate ms points from a hidden source. All codes generated are unique and redeemable on Xbox Live. You will find the download link below.

Microsoft Points are virtual currencies for Xbox Live in which you can purchase add-ons, game subscriptions, games, and etc.. With our Microsoft Points Generator, you will be able to generate over 4000 points at a given time. The code generated are unique and never before used. If you do happen to come across a used code, please contact us immediately and we will fix it and roll an update.

Microsoft Points Generator

How to use the Microsoft Points Generator?

Once downloaded this application, you are only minutes away from generating microsoft points absolutely free. Open up the generator, choose your desired points and click on the “Get Code” button. A new window will open with your code ready to be redeemed. The points has to be redeemed immediately and no later than 10 hours after the code has been generated.

All of our application will have our site name on it. MAKE sure you only download the application from our site. Other sites who post our application do it for the sole purpose of hacking you. In which case re install windows or seek a professional to eradicate the virus.

Is there a risk for my account?

Absolutely not! The reason is because the codes generated are authentic meaning the codes are legitimately created and distributed. Microsoft has no way of knowing you used a microsoft points generator to generate the code. They will think you bought the code.



Does this version work?

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